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WFK Mentors

WFK Mentors provide support for your successful voluntary service abroad

What are World Friends Korea Mentors?

WFK Mentors was organized to provide practical and customized information about overseas voluntary service. In November 2013, approx. 200 mentors WFK Mentors are largely divided into “sharing mentors” and “technical mentors.”

  • Sharing Mentors

    volunteers who are serving in foreign locations or have returned to Korea

  • Technical Mentors

    persons who are experts in a specialized/technical field with more than 10-years experience

Volunteers of seven WFK organizations who are serving abroad or have returned to Korea share their experiences and knowledge as WFK Mentors. They contribute to WFK integration through participation in both online and offline mentoring events as well as lectures.

Objectives of Mentor Activities

  • 1 Provide detailed information about overseas voluntary service to people interested in volunteering.

    Through this, mentors share their vivid experiences of voluntary service abroad and, moreover, can encourage participation by a greater number of people.

  • 2 Support volunteers currently dispatched to overseas locations.

    Volunteers can now receive help and advice for successful volunteer service and learn how to better adapt to their 	new environment directly from seasoned mentors who served in the same or similar situation. All WFK volunteers can now freely ask for the specialized knowledge and information they need directly from the mentors.

  • 3 Help volunteers upon their return to Korea to design career paths.

    WFK Mentors share their experiences with WFK volunteers who have just returned home from a sojourn. Through this process, WFK Mentors help volunteers adapt more quickly to their life back in Korea and give advice as to how they can launch their next career in Korea or abroad.

WFK Mentors Activities

  • Online Mentors

    “Online” WFK Mentors communicate with their mentees through the WFK website. Mentors are evaluated more highly when they exchange more e-mails with a greater number of mentees. Exceptional mentors are selected as ‘Mentor of the Month’ and ‘Outstanding Mentor’ (yearly) and given opportunities to participate in meetings as lecturers.

  • Offline Mentors

    “Offline” WFK Mentors discuss better mentoring techniques and share knowledge with other mentors by participating in offline events, such as starting ceremonies and mini workshops. In addition, mentors who are highly evaluated are given opportunities to exchange directly with a larger number of mentees by participating as lecturers in WFK Mentors Lectures or being invited to overseas volunteer development and cooperation lectures.

Mentor Selection
Candidates recommended by each of the seven WFK organizations (Once yearly by each organization)
Direct Application
Fill out and submit an application to the person in charge (year round via the website)
Twice yearly (first half/ second half)

※ See ‘WFK Mentors Notice’ for details on the application schedule and method.